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Advising Startup, VC help

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As every company and venture is different our offering is uniquely cut to the individual needs as well as our expertise. In general we help in developing winning strategies, minimizing efforts to get financing, getting new customers and growing faster with a clear strategy behind it. We support ventures in all different stages from early stage startups to innovative growth company.

Supporting fast growing global tech startups

We are happy to support already a diverse portfolio of international startups. Here are some examples of amazing startups with which we worked with



SME Lending Platform

One of the fastest growing SME lending platforms in Europe. Lending directly to SMEs in Europe and offering their platform as SaaS for financial institutions.

Mediastalker Ltd

Mediastalker Ltd

Anti Piracy Solution

An extremely scalable and fast solution for media content protection in the web. The plug and play AI Solution ensures that content stays on the intended channels.

We focus on supporting startups with these elements

Unique Product

Amazing Team

ready to scale

Tech involved